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Botox is the registered trade name of the Botulinum Toxin Type ‘A’ manufactured by allergen. You may find medical aesthetics clinics using other botulinum type ‘A’ drugs but referring to them as Botox.

Botox is a prescription only medication and as such should be prescribed and administered by a medically trained professional. We have 2 GMC register doctors that prescribe, who work along side our NMC registered midwife. Which are all Harley Street trained in Aesthetics.

Are Botox injections safe?

Botox has an excellent safety record and has been in use in medicine for over 20 years and in cosmetics for 15 years.  It has become one of the most popular and frequently used cosmetic treatments. Although FDA clearance happened within the last ten years, Botox has been used off-label for cosmetic purposes since the mid 1990’s.

How does Botox work?

Botox blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles. The injected muscle can no longer contract, which causes the wrinkles to relax and soften. It is most often used on forehead lines, crow’s feet (lines around the eye) and frown lines.

How long does Botox last?

If the right amount of Botox is injected by in the right muscles, Botox results can last 3-4 months.

First time Botox users may experience Botox wearing off in less than 3 months. However, as facial muscles get conditioned to Botox, results should lengthen. Botox injections around the eyes can also last shorter than 3 months. Men, on the other hand, tend to need more Botox than women. Whatever the case, Botox results should generally last around 3 months, give or take a few days.

What are the side effects?

Potential Botox side effects include pain at the injection site, infection, inflammation, swelling, redness, bleeding and bruising. Some of these symptoms may indicate an allergic reaction; other allergy symptoms are itching, wheezing, asthma, a rash, red welts, dizziness and faintness. Tell your medical professional immediately if you have any breathing issues or a faint/dizzy feeling.

What are the risks?

  • Occasionally, the treatment may relax nearby muscle groups causing temporary drooping of the eyebrow or eyelids. This may last for a few weeks but will resolve with time.  As with any medicine an allergic reaction may occur, this is however quite rare. Conversely there may be some unintended benefits in some people such as easing of tension type headaches as the muscles in the forehead relax.
  • There is an increased risk of bruising post procedure for people who have blood clotting disorders such as Haemophilia, those who are taking treatments with anticoagulant medicines such as Warfarin, Heparin, Aspirin and Anti-Inflammatory medicines. Also certain herbal remedies such as Gingiko Bilboa, St John’s Wort and Vitamin E.

What happens during the procedure?

The entire appointment takes between 20-25 minutes.

A full medical consultation will take place by a trained medical professional,  where the client will be evaluated to see if they are appropriate for Botox treatment.

You will be treated in a clinically safe and hygienic environment.  You will be asked to sit/lie on a couch and made comfortable.  Your skin will be prepared where injection areas will be marked out, then the injections will be administered in the required areas.  The actual procedure takes minutes. You will  be given after-care advice and details of what to expect following the treatment.  Then you can return to your normal activities.

Does it hurt?

Any injection can hurt, but the needles used for Botox injections are very small, so pain is usually minimal. The area can be numbed with a topical anesthetic cream or cold pack 10-20 minutes before the injections are given, so you may not feel much pain, if any.

What should I do after the procedure?

  • Do not lie flat, massage or manipulate the effected area for 4 hours post treatment.
  • Do not partake in any exercise for 24hrs.
  • No blood thinners such as aspirin or alcohol for 24hrs pre and post treatment.
  • No facials/ sauna or sun beds for 7 days.
  • Ideally no flying on a plane within 24 hours.
  • If bruising develops, you can apply Arnica cream.
  • Paracetamol can be taken for mild pain post procedure.

How long does it take to see the results?

Botox results are not instant. It takes 5 to 7 days before the effects of Botox start to work and for you to start to see a reduction in the lines and wrinkles on the face. It takes 10-14 days to see the final result of the treatment.

Who cannot have Botox?

  • You should not use Botox if you have an infection in the area where the medicine will be injected.
  • Pregnant or breast-feeding mothers.
  • People who have previously reacted badly to botox injections.
  • People with muscle problems or chronic diseases affecting the muscles, such as Myasthenia Gravis, Eaton Lambert syndrome, Bells Pals’y or those who’ve had previous CVA.


1 Area – £150

2 Areas – £185

3 Areas – £210

4 Areas – £260

Masseter (Jaw reduction) £300

Nerfertiti £300

Underarm £300

This includes consultation, prescription from a consultant, treatment and 2 week review if required. 
* A Small Non-Refundable Deposit of £1.50 to secure your appointment is taken when booking online. 

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